Heike Odermatt - Light spot


This was one of the most famous winter days I know in the Netherlands some years ago. Unfortunately I had to work this Saturday, the only once, that I had to work for my boss. I think, you all can imagine how unhappy I was. But luckily I could take one picture in the late afternoon: this light spot in the winter forest near to my home.

Location: Netherland

Tags: forest, Heike Odermatt, light, spot, sun, tree, winter

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  1. Andrei Reinol said:

    29/01/2013 08:37

    Unbelivible. Great rays, beautiful blue color.

  2. Andrei Reinol said:

    29/01/2013 08:41

    Unbelievable :)

  3. Oriol Alamany said:

    29/01/2013 11:05

    Warm against cold

  4. David GuimarĂ£es said:

    29/01/2013 19:46

    Beautifull image! Light in blue!

  5. Kjetil S said:

    29/01/2013 21:35

    Shows you only need one shot when it is all right! Me like!

  6. Alex said:

    30/01/2013 07:54

    I love it!!!! ;)


  7. marti mateu said:

    07/02/2013 22:05

    A cold light... great!

  8. Heike said:

    10/02/2013 12:29

    Thanks a lot!