Heike Odermatt - Go their way …


Most of the time it was cloudy around sunrise and sunset. Only one afternoon there was sunset for a short time before it was completely cloudy again. So when you get some good light for short you must hurry to get some likely shots. The penguins do not care and do what they want. So I was lucky to see these three Gentoo Penguins who went their way one after the other …

Location: The Falklands

Tags: Bird, Falklands, Gentoo, Heike Odermatt, penguin, sunset

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  1. Silvia Reiche said:

    14/01/2013 21:44

    Lovely Heike! An image with a few stories in it.....

  2. Judy Royal Glenn said:

    21/01/2013 03:56

    Beautiful capture!