Bruno D'Amicis - A place for silence


On a winter night, the light of a rising full moon invades the mountain plateau of Piani di Pezza in the heart of the Velino massif.

Already, squeezed between two of the largest ski resorts in Central Italy, namely Ovindoli and Campo Felice, this tiny patch of mountain wilderness is now under serious threat as it might see its pristine look destroyed by new ski resorts, a ski dome and golf courses, all built within its territory. Yes, local politicians think that creating one of the largest ski infrastructures in Europe, by connecting the two existing ones exactly in this area, empowering the “white” tourism, might be the solution to all the problems and the extremely difficult economical situation that the Abruzzo region is facing after the earthquake of 2009 and the financial crisis. It doesn’t matter that this is the heart of a protected area; that wolves, bears and eagles roam these valleys; that unique plant species live here; that every year there is less and less snow covering the slopes; that thousands of tourists already come to visit these mountains because they seek for a “different” place, a wild atmosphere and authentic experiences. No, it doesn’t matter. Promoting a low-impact fruition
of nature, such as snowshoeing, wildlife watching and hiking is not spectacular enough and doesn’t bring votes at the elections, so politicians had to take old projects and megalomaniac ideas out of the dusty drawers of their desks… And their eyes already shines from the many 6 zeros figures.

I send a cry to the sky as if it could listen to me and so that this plains might remain a place for wolves and wind, solitude and meditation.
One of the last of such places in Italy where one can still enjoy an icy silence under a blanket of vivid stars.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: abruzzo, bruno damicis, destruction, italy, mountains, piani di pezza, sirente velino, ski, snow, wilderness, winter

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  1. Jordi Pagès Fauria said:

    05/01/2013 15:08

    Beautiful picture, views and above all enlightening and necessary message! Thanks for both!

  2. biofede said:

    05/01/2013 21:13

    Sadly this is an usual fact in many places in the world. Economy presses ecology. In my country, Spain, this is a frequent situation. We only can press counterwise and hope that with a bit of luck the proyects of megalomans don't take their course in the end.
    Best regards!!!

  3. Nadine@GoowaiItalia said:

    08/01/2013 17:12

    Wow! What a beautiful place to visit in Italy, a one-of-a-kind! Very peaceful, I would feel very at peace when in this place. It's said to know that some people in the government were already thinking of making this a commercial place. I really hope they will just leave this place to the wolves and the wind. Sometimes it's really said to know that we are the reasons why some beautiful, peaceful and pristine places like this were destroyed because of commercialization.