Roy Mangersnes - Shake it


Just about one year ago I spent some time in Dovrefjell NP in Norway working on Musk Oxen. We were shooting a film project and our purpose was to portray this amazing creature in its winter habitat, hoping to find the inner soul of the ice age giant. To find this we were of course hoping for some rough weather. Were we lucky! During three days we had gale force winds, minus 20-30 degrees, snow drift and 18 very co-operable animals. At one point is was snowing heavily and the animals were laying down to protect themselves. I found one of the big males and waited by his side. After a while another animal came over bumped into him, almost to signal his dominance. “My guy” stood up and shook like only a Musk Ox bull can shake, snow flying all over. The last couple of frames of this series actually has nothing but snow in it. I believe this shot shows the ice-age giant as I know it, and it also show the extreme environment these creatures survive under.

Location: Norway

Tags: Musk ox, roy mangersnes, snow, winter

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  1. Dieter said:

    02/01/2013 08:15

    Obviously you have found it. Absolutely stunning!

  2. João Petronilho said:

    02/01/2013 09:26

    What can I say about this picture? All words are few to transmit the emotions I feel when I watch it! Powerful, breathtaking, from another universe, graphically stunning! A dream that I would also like to achieve! Congratulations. It was worth the effort under such adverse conditions!

  3. Luciano said:

    02/01/2013 13:10

    Fantastic shot, congratulations!

  4. Jarl R. Holberg said:

    02/01/2013 18:26

    Amazing picture! Love it!

  5. Petra Draskovic said:

    03/01/2013 06:20


  6. Kjetil S said:

    03/01/2013 20:18

    The ancient mountain snow-king it is!

  7. Käthe Sofia da Rosa Schmidt said:

    09/02/2013 16:49

    Linda imagem! Muito expressiva! Parabéns!