Oriol Alamany - WINTER BLUES


It was a very cold but sunny february day when driving in a frozen road in southern Iceland we spot this couple of Swans (Cygnus cygnus) walking over the ice of a lagoon. I wait for some minutes that the birds walked to the edge of the ice, to make a composition of them with the winding line. When one of the swans bowed his head to touch the water I knew I had the picture. Happy New Year all!

Location: Iceland

Tags: birds, blue, cygnus cygnus, europe, ice, Iceland, oriol alamany, swan, waterfowl, winter

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  1. Silvia Reiche said:

    25/12/2012 09:30

    Beautiful image of these two Swans with the right light on them in contrast with the blue ice/water. Lovely!

  2. Armando Maniciati said:

    25/12/2012 22:46

    Compliments, composition and perfect light!!!

  3. Kjetil S said:

    31/12/2012 15:41

    Nicely captured this, have recently added a few pics of the tundra swans on my own blog. Have a happy new year!