Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Gannet Dive


Elegant, powerful and lightning fast – just some words that could describe a fishing gannet, Europe’s biggest seabird.

On this particular afternoon in Scotland, the North Sea was strangely peaceful, there were only a few lonely gannets diving after fish and breaking the waves near Dunbar harbour. These birds have mesmerized me right from my first encounters with them, so it was deeply impressive to see them fishing in these calm waters.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, and a great New Year!

Location: Scotland

Tags: fishing, Morus bassanus, Northern Gannet, scotland, Zoltan Gergely Nagy

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  1. Lucy Corrander said:

    22/12/2012 17:26

    Cannot describe it other than arrow-like. Makes it very clear how they are so fast. Amazing photo.

    Have a very happy Christmas and may 2013 be as you would like it.

  2. Bruno said:

    22/12/2012 23:24

    Perfect timing and great, simple composition. A very agreable and elegant shot, Zoltan. Congratulations! Best wishes for a fulfilling 2013! ;-)

  3. Zoltan Nagy said:

    23/12/2012 10:46

    Thank you for the kind words! All the best to you all in an exciting 2013! :-)

  4. Kjetil S said:

    02/01/2013 19:09

    Nice capture of this spearheaded gannet! Happy 2013!

  5. Käthe Sofia da Rosa Schmidt said:

    09/02/2013 16:58

    Fantástico registro! Parabéns!