Oriol Alamany - The darkest night


This was maybe one of the darkest nights in my life. Last October my wife and me were crossing the desert in the centre of the australian continent, and this night we camped alone five hundred kilometers away from the nearest city. With no moon in the sky and without any light pollution the starry night was magnificent. In this image looking West the first town was at more than 2,000 kilometers so one can see the Milky Way, two shooting stars and the rarely seen Zodiacal Light, a faint glow produced by sunlight reflecting off dust particles in the solar system known as cosmic dust. I shoot ten consecutive images to catch all the Milky Way arch and when come back home I merged them in the computer to obtain this panorama.

Location: South Australia Outback

Tags: australia, centre, milky way, night, oriol alamany, outback, panorama, south australia, stars

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  1. Carlos Acín said:

    10/12/2012 13:15

    Un trabajo espectacular Oriol, y seguro que más complejo de conseguir de lo que uno puede imaginar.
    ¡Mi enhorabuena!

  2. Kjetil S said:

    10/12/2012 14:40

    Fantastic picture, awesome. What kind of software do you use for post-processing?

  3. Karel Kravik said:

    10/12/2012 15:23

    With all my respect, what has happened to the lower dark area and left lower corner :)?

  4. Oriol Alamany said:

    10/12/2012 15:49

    Kjetil S, The Raws are developed in the Canon Digital Photo Professional and then merged in Photoshop CS5 with the function Photomerge. Then some Levels and Curves adjustment.

  5. Oriol Alamany said:

    10/12/2012 15:58

    Karel Kravik: What do you mean? The red tinge in the lower area of the picture below the dark trees in the background? These is the orange desert grass in the foreground, maybe with a subtle light coming from the stars or maybe from the light inside our campervan where my wife was reading.

  6. Eduard said:

    10/12/2012 18:35

    Ostres és espectacular, m'ha impressionat, moltes felicitats. I també imagino la sensació allà al mig i deunidó, quina enveja ! Fabulosa !

  7. Joan Masdeu said:

    10/12/2012 22:58

    Espectacular, quina enveja poder estar al mig de la foscor:)
    Vàres fer les 10 tomes en vertical?

  8. Alex said:

    10/12/2012 23:17

    Aunque empezamos a estar acostumbrados a este tipo de fotografías nocturnas, esta es una una fotografía preciosa. Lo que está claro es que no está hecha cerca de Barcelona, parece que a veces hay que ir muy lejos para poder tener estas fabulosas visiones de la naturaleza.

  9. Oriol Alamany said:

    11/12/2012 08:21

    Yes Joan, they are 10 vertical shots with the 17mm in a Full F rame camera, so I can catch all the Milky Way in the sky.

  10. Alex Mustard said:

    11/12/2012 11:19


  11. Zoltan said:

    16/12/2012 09:20


  12. Judy Royal Glenn said:

    29/12/2012 03:18