Bruno D'Amicis - The champion


I have spent so much time photographing the Apennine chamois in the past years, that my memory is full of experiences related to them and my hard drives are… full of pictures. With the hope, that I will keep doing my pilgrimages to their mountains against all the odds also in the future, I simply cannot stop posting here more images of them… Here is one of my favorites.
In the warm light of a late November day, at the peak of the mating season, a beautiful male chamois appeared atop of a rock. As one of the dominant males of the valley, I had renamed it “the Champion”. Its silhouette perfectly completed an exquisitely simple scene made of three colors. It was the end of a long day spent alone in the heart of Majella National Park, I was heading to the cave that served me as base camp over the past two days. I saw the chamois but the composition was not satisfying. So, grabbed my 70-200 and ran uphill, aware that the chamois would have not stayed in that position for long. Once in a spot where I could line the ridge in light behind the one in shadow, I shot a burst of frames, holding my breath.
When I look at this image, I can remember my heart bumping, the cold air and all the apparent solitude around me: it was wild and it felt great!
Thank you, chamois, for being there! 😉

Location: Majella, Italy

Tags: abruzzi, apennine chamois, apennines, autumn, bruno damicis, endangered, mountains, rupicapra pyrenaica ornata

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    20/11/2012 08:59

    this image sooo rules!

  2. Jacqui Dixon said:

    27/11/2012 09:19

    The peace and solitude of the Majella beautifully captured, in both picture and words.

  3. Johan Van Hoof said:

    20/09/2013 18:29

    Ornata the most beautiful chamois in the world :-)

    Stunning picture !