Oriol Alamany - The most humble motif


The most humble motif may be the star of a photo if the light is good, like this already dry thistle growing in a field. But the fall sunset light makes the picture.

Location: El Turbón, Aragón, Spain

Tags: aragon, clouds, europe, oriol alamany, silhouette, Spain, sunset, turbon

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  1. Jens said:

    10/10/2012 11:38

    I really like this one, great atmosphere! Well done!
    But imo It'd be even better if the group of thin plants in the yellow area middle left wasn't there. Its too distracting from main motif (the thistles) and somehow feels that it should'nt be there.

  2. Corine Oosterlee said:

    19/10/2012 11:43

    No, I don't agree with this comment. The image is beautiful as it is. If you leave out the thin grasses it looks more like a sought-after composition, a sunset photograph like there are already many, a cliché. The grasses add something, they give the feel of wonder and surprise.