After a not very long, but strenuous hike carrying all our photography and camping equipment, my wife and me reached a place in Gavarnie valley with good views of the mountains around. The light was getting good, but I miss an interesting motif for the foreground. Wandering around I found a small pond who gave me the nice reflections to create a more interesting picture.

Location: Parc National des Pyrénées, France

Tags: alpine, europe, france, gavarnie, hautes-pyrenees, mountains, national park, oriol alamany, pool, Pyrenees, reflection, sunset, tarn, water

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  1. John Davies said:

    16/10/2012 11:28

    Wow, beautiful shot. Seems like I dont have to travel to the ends of the earth to see real beauty. I can get to the Pyrenees in a few hours. It really doesnt look at all what I have seen of the Pyrenees. Great light work.

  2. Andrei Reinol said:

    06/11/2012 09:26

    What a beautiful reflections.