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Often as a nature photographer you try to surprise and even challenge the audience of your photos. Showing them sights they haven’t seen before or showing the familiar in surprising or novel ways. Other times you just stick to the expected deliver what they are expecting to see. And when photographing on a coral reef that means colour.

Coral reefs are the most colourful ecosystems on earth. Other habitats have patches of intense colour (e.g. rain forests) or seasonal colour (wild flower meadows), but no others offer year round, three dimensional, wall to wall, kaleidoscopic colour.

So this is a simple image about colour, showing the intense pattern of a coral grouper. These gaudy colours are thought to act as a disruptive camouflage for this predator in the colourful environment it lives in. This is a simple image, so I placed the eye at the edge of the frame to add a little of the unexpected into an otherwise standard photo.

Location: Sinai, Egypt. Red Sea

Tags: Alex Mustard, Cephalopholis miniata, coral grouper, egypt, red sea, underwater

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  1. Iker said:

    22/09/2012 13:36

    Won-der-ful!!! I love your pics, Alex!! :-)

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    22/09/2012 21:02

    Huge!! Enormous, this one is a keeper!! Great detail photo, true art, true document!

  3. Judyroyalglenn said:

    24/09/2012 14:28

    Great capture and perspective:)

  4. Morten Bjorn Larsen said:

    26/09/2012 18:57

    Very nice Alex! Fantastic detail with D800 - cropped ?