Jaak Põder - Piece of shi*


Tortoise beetle larva’s behaviour is pretty unique – due to the shape of its body the larva is almost invisible on suitable leaves. To make it even more hard to find it it keeps its own shi* attached to its anal hook (raised above the body) so looking from above it seems there is just a piece of shi*.

Location: Järvamaa, Estonia

Tags: Cassidae, Cirsium arvense, Creeping Thistle, jaak poder, kilpmardikas, põldohakas, summer, suvi, tortoise beetle larva

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  1. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    16/09/2012 12:54

    Nice adaptation!

    I've noticed lat quite a lot of your pictures (and captions) is showing some really interesting biology. That's much appreciated, kepp up the good work.

  2. Jaak said:

    17/09/2012 09:47

    Thanks Knut-Sverre :-).