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After shooting 1000s of photos of whale sharks in August, I really have to share at least one more on the blog. Here I shot with a circular fisheye in an attempt to give my portfolio of pictures more variety. I placed the shark off centre and waited for its tail to swing around to that it formed a pleasing shape with the side of the frame.

The whale shark aggregation at Isla Mujeres really is amazing. It is said that Jacques Cousteau only saw two whale sharks in his entire life. If you look in the background of this picture you’ll see there are four in this frame (luckily the background ones are far enough into the blue that they do not distract from the image. Too many whale sharks was a problem I’d never thought I’d have!

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Tags: Alex Mustard, Isla, Mexico, Mujeres, Rhincodon typus, underwater, whale shark

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  1. Mark Husmann said:

    13/09/2012 11:43

    Fantastic composition, well timed. Ultra-*like*. Thanks for sharing, Alex.

  2. João Petronilho said:

    13/09/2012 13:00

    A different and creative view of this giant of the seas and manages to transmit the message that the world is not so great and inexhaustible as was thought for many years. A great image of a large animal, of our small planet. To think about!!

  3. seb said:

    13/09/2012 14:37

    Absolutely amazing use of the circular fisheye!

  4. Mahmut Suner said:

    14/09/2012 22:14

    Graet shot and great lens . I wish I had it when shoot shipwrecks in Dardanell for my book Silent Sea.