Oriol Alamany - RED LIGHT, RED ROCKS


In 1997 we had some problems in a trip to Zimbabwe and, after two weeks on that african country, my wife and me decided to change our program: We crossed the border and spend the remaining time in the neighboring Namibia. We had almost no information about that country and for the next four weeks we were improvising a route each day and discovering locations and wildlife on the way. What different way to travel! The now famous Spitzkoppe mountain was not so known 15 years ago and we travel there as we saw a picture in a postcard and we loved it. We were not dissapointed at all.

Location: Spitzkoppe, Damaraland, Namibia

Tags: Africa, damaraland, desert, light, morning, namibia, orange, oriol alamany, rock, spitzkoppe, warm

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  1. Lizzie Buxton said:

    10/09/2012 13:35

    Very nice photos of Namibia and the photo really shows how beautiful nature is the colors in the photograph stand out so much and make the mountain look even more beautiful. I was also looking around and have found some great Landscape Photography. Keep up the posts and photos.

  2. David Kleinert said:

    11/09/2012 13:18

    Amazing light on this incredible landscape! Great image...