Bruno D'Amicis - Two bears I will never forget


This is perhaps one of the ten most important pictures that I have taken in my life. Nevertheless, it is not one of the best and it is far from being perfect. Its importance comes from the fact that this is the first good image of wild brown bear that I could take during my first trip to the Tatra mountains of Slovakia. It was September 2006 and after two weeks of tough hikes and nights in the wild, I didn’t manage to take a single shot of that bears that should have been common in the area of the Tichá valley that I was exploring. I came to Slovakia with the dream of starting a project which would focus only on pure wild nature and bears roaming free, so not baited or controlled in any way. On the morning of the very second-last day of my stay, I happened in a beautiful meadow, full of lush sorrel plants and decided to spend the rest of the day there, despite the thousands of midges, in the hope that something would have come to graze. At 4.40PM this duo (a very thin mother with a very chubby cub) bolted out of the woods and into the meadow. My heart sank and tears came to my eyes: they were so close and I couldn’t believe my luck! This picture was showing bears in a completely different context than all the other images I had seen until then and proved that my intuitions were right. When, later I got asked to carry out a long-term project in the area, this image gave me the confidence and courage that something like that could be done. It was possible! Only I didn’t knew that to accomplish such project it would have taken me 3 more years of work and more than 200 days in the field…

Location: Slovakia

Tags: bear, brown, bruno damicis, cub, endangered, european, mother, slovakia, tatra, ursus arctos, vegetation

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  1. roberto cattini said:

    05/09/2012 12:26

    Bruno, this shot is great! I appreciate it more than thousands of shot tooken sitting in a hole. I am a friend of Luciano Gaudenzio and he had often speak with me of your passion for the wild. You are doing a great job as naturalist and as photographer. My compliments. Roberto