Werner Bollmann - Waiting For The Night


The rainforests of Indonesia are full of strange critters. Actually looking for some mantis I found this little treefrog perched on a twig while waiting for the night. It was sitting elevated in the shrubs and I had to climb on a liana, from where I tried to manage a composition – not too easy. When returned home I tried to find out the species. I made contact to several herpetologists in Southeastern Asia and all of them told me that this frog has not been described scientifically yet. Well, another evidence of the immense and not anywhere near fully explored biological diversity of tropical rainforests.

Location: Borneo, Indonesia

Tags: amphibium, borneo, frog, frogs, indonesia, rainforest, treefrog, tropical, werner bollmann

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  1. Geir Ole said:

    04/09/2012 09:54

    A funny and nice picture with a good composition :)

  2. Balázs Demeter said:

    04/09/2012 14:42

    This frog is really special. Congrats on the first shot ever made of it! The colors are really harmonious here, perfect background for the frog. Very well made, it made me feel "woooow"!

  3. Phil Johnston said:

    20/09/2012 21:14

    Fantastic frame. Love the composition and the bokeh .