Theo Bosboom - Lily lake


In a small lake along the road from Halden (Norway) to Nössemark (Sweden), close to the Swedish border, I discovered this lake full of water lily pads on a summer evening early september. I had never seen so many close together and was very much attracted by the beautiful rythm of the lily pads and the horsetails. I spent hours photographing the plants in all kind of ways and in the end I was most happy with this overview. The reflected birch trees provided some extra depth to the scene.

Location: Border Norway - Sweden

Tags: green, horsetail, Lake, lily, lily pad, Norway, pattern, plants, scandinavia, Sweden, Theo Bosboom

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  1. Michel Lucas said:

    26/08/2012 14:54

    An intriguing and beautifull image, Theo. I keep looking what parts of it are above and under water.

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    27/08/2012 22:24

    I am trully overwhelmed and amazed with this photo, a true masterpiece!
    I give you this a photograph as enormous as the world!