Werner Bollmann - Seaweeds


After heavy storms the beaches of the northern countries are covered with many different species of algae which had been torn off by strong waves. Most of them belong to the family of brown algae, also called seaweeds. The name of the octopus shaped alga in this picture is Laminaria hyperborea. The species of the genus Laminaria contain chemical ingredients which are used in many different products of our daily use like cosmetics, medicines or dietary supplements.

Location: Norway

Tags: algae, coast, laminaria hyperborea, Norway, seaweed, seaweeds, shore, werner bollmann

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    20/08/2012 01:35

    Beautifull composition! Full of stronh earth colours! And the smooths shapes of the laminarias and vesicolosus are trully atractive!