Alex Mustard - Biggest Fish in The Sea


While many of the NPB gang were in Estonia, I was here in Mexico with the world’s largest aggregation of the world’s biggest fish: the whale shark. It is an amazing natural spectacle and it has become a big tourist draw in the last fews years. There are lots of sharks, but also lots of day-trippers coming out to see them. It is pretty well managed and I can’t help but feel that these things are positive with so many people having the chance to be wowed by nature.

With so much going on, I decided on a peaceful, simple image shooting the shark in silhouette with early morning light. I took this photo with the new Olympus OM-D mirror-less camera, which is small on size, but high on quality. I like the camera very much, but I prefer 3:2, than 4:3 as an image ratio.

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Tags: Alex Mustard, Isla, Mexico, Mujeres, Rhincodon typus, silhouette, underwater, whale shark

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    13/08/2012 08:50

    Magnificent tranquillity! Love the waves the giant makes, love the rays of light, love the blue, love everything!

  2. Cem Ozoral said:

    13/08/2012 09:38

    What to commend. Another great shot to be proud of. Thanks Alex.