Theo Bosboom - An interesting accident


Some years ago, in my early days as a nature photographer, I was suffering from the ‘shaken camera syndrom’. This means that I was often deliberately moving the camera during the exposure to create arty blurred effects and impressionistic views. You see it a lot in pictures with trees, but I did it with other subjects as well. And although it sometimes created beautiful effects that I liked more than the classic view of the same subject, I became bored with it eventually. If you do it too often it just becomes a trick.

This picture of a rocky coast at Arnarstapi on the Snaefellsness peninsula on Iceland was also moved during the 5 seconds exposure. This time however, it was not on purpose, it was an accident! I didn’t lock my tripod head properly, so the camera slowly moved downwards during the exposure. And I must say that I was quite happy with the result, because it made the picture a bit more spooky and added a little bit of tension.

Location: Arnarstapi, Iceland

Tags: Arnarstapi, Iceland, Landscape, moss, rocks, Snaefellssnes, Theo Bosboom

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    11/08/2012 14:17

    What a beautifull accident! Life is just lik that, when sometimes things are not like we expected it, a beautifull thing pops from another door, another mountain peak, another flower! Great image Theo! Very strong and mystic!
    I hope that all your accidents are like this one!