Theo Bosboom - Thunder and lightning


Taking pictures of lightning is a bit like taking pictures of the aurora: it can be a challenge to get a decent shot of it, so you are happy if you finally get one sharp in a reasonable composition. The real challenge is of course to get the lightning (or the aurora) in a breathtaking landscape, so that the whole picture is interesting. As you can see, I am not that far yet and still in the stage of just capturing the lightning 😉 But I will keep trying!

Location: Meinerswijk, the Netherlands

Tags: hot, Landscape, lightning, Meinerswijk, summer, Theo Bosboom, thunder, wetlands

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  1. Diedrik Oomens said:

    26/07/2012 12:04

    I love how you've captured the clouds opening up for the flash!

  2. Bruno said:

    26/07/2012 19:14

    Nice one, Theo! I especially like the fact that is daily shot... amazing. Be careful with those buddies, though... Nice to see you in the NL: you have a beer waiting for you in Italy!

  3. Theo said:

    26/07/2012 22:15

    Thanks Diedrik and Bruno. It was very good drinking a couple of Wieckse Wittes with you today Bruno and I will surely come to Italy soon!