Theo Bosboom - The swan


Like probably most photographers do, I have the tendency to appreciate a picture better if I have had to work hard to get it. This picture however, has cost me only 3 minutes of my time and still I like it. I discovered this swan when I was driving along the south coast of Iceland and noticed the possibility of a graphic image. So I parked the car a hundred meters further along the road, framed a picture and waited for the swan to swim into it. It was taken against the sun, so the swan turned into a silhouette, which fitted very nicely into the empty landscape. I didn’t convert the picture into black and white, but still there is no colour in it.

Location: South coast of Iceland

Tags: backlit, Bird, Iceland, Theo Bosboom, whooper swan

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    11/07/2012 13:52

    Great sense of opportunity that you had your trip. This is a vey simple picture and graphically well done. Superb. Just could not understand what is that line that divides the image in half. A great, great, image to have on the walls of a living room. Congratulations for your inspiration!!!

  2. Werner said:

    11/07/2012 14:15

    Oh Theo - soooo good!!!

  3. Heike Odermatt said:

    11/07/2012 19:23

    What a great simple and graphical image!!!!

  4. Theo said:

    11/07/2012 21:08

    Thank you all!

    João, the line is a small strip of land. Under the line there is water, above the line is the sky.

  5. Oriol Alamany said:

    11/07/2012 23:39

    That's the kind of nature photography that I like most. Congratulations for your photographic vision Theo.

  6. LK said:

    12/07/2012 01:29

    Simply wow!
    Graphical and simply photo!

  7. David Guimaraes said:

    12/07/2012 02:00

    Brutal!! João told me that today's photo was really out of this world!! But to see it... is simply breathtaking! Thank you Theo!! Great photo!

  8. Bruno said:

    12/07/2012 17:44

    What a great vision and quick response: the image is both simple and very complex. One of the best ones I have seen in a while... Congrats, Theo! PS I'll be in the NL in about 10 days: any chance to meet?

  9. Lesley Agostinelli said:

    13/07/2012 17:12

    Beautiful. So pure, simple and so stunning. I love this image.