Roy Mangersnes - The Hawk Eagle


The Norwegian name of the Bonelli’s Eagle is haukørn, meaning the Hawk Eagle. When I first saw this bird up close from a hide in Catalonia I instantly understood were it got it’s name. The raw power of this bird is same I know from the Goshawk, and at the same time it has the graze of the Golden Eagle. This is one amazing bird!

Location: Catalonia, Spain

Tags: Bird of prey, Bonelli s Eagle, Raptor, roy mangersnes, Spain

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  1. Antonio said:

    02/07/2012 20:24

    Grat photo

  2. Antonio said:

    02/07/2012 20:25

    Great photo

  3. luciano catozzi said:

    10/07/2012 18:02

    Superbe photo!

  4. canvas prints said:

    23/08/2012 12:52

    this bird means business. amazing animal though.