Alex Mustard - Sardinian Mountain Newt


A portrait of a Sardinian brook salamander (Euproctus platycephalus) in a shallow mountain stream. This species is restricted to only the east coast of the island of Sardinia and certainly lives up to its wide mouth name. Photographed underwater in the wild (I add this clarification only because most pictures of this species are from aquariums). This species is listed as Endangered on the ICUN Red List due to habitat loss, although I have encountered one other specimen at a site outside its reported range, suggesting there may be other pockets of this species on the island.

A big thank you to my friend Alessandro Spiga for taking me to this location.

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Tags: Alex Mustard, Euproctus platycephalus, italy, Sardinia, Sardinian brook salamander, underwater

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