Sven Začek - ISO 12800


I believe that wildlife photographers are enjoying great times at the moment. Autofocus, ISO quality and digital capture have really opened possibilities of showing our subjects’ lives in more depth than has been possible before. I remember my first evenings with Ural owls back in 2007, when ISO 400 was the last good ISO and ISO 800 was only referred to rather reluctantly. Back then my alarm clock for going home went off when I reached F4, 1/30 at ISO 3200. That was way past of acceptable image quality, but I was hoping for something special, because with owls the later you stay the more you will see. Now with the Nikon D4 camera, my alarm clock was set for F2,8, 1/15 at ISO 12800. That is very dark, so dark that it is impossible for me to focus correctly manually through the viewfinder, but the camera still manages to autofocus. Amazing! So now there are very few excuses left for photographers for messing up good opportunities. The only downside I can think of is that during the spring rush, when I am out every day, now I arrive home later than I used to…:)

Tags: emane, female, händkakk, isane, male, paar, pair, strix uralensis, ural owl

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  1. Judyroyalglenn said:

    24/06/2012 04:48

    Awesome capture. Wish I had your camera!

  2. Phil Johnston said:

    20/09/2012 21:17

    Wonderful image.

  3. Sebastian said:

    15/01/2013 13:11

    Sven, I've been a long-time admirer of your ural owl photos - they are truly amazing! I don't wish for a camera or skills you have as I will never have them. I do wish, though, I had a chance to see and experience the beautiful, untamed nature you photograph. All the best in 2013!