Sandra Bartocha - Pasque Flower


Although the pasque flower is one of the most photographed subjects within the nature photography community … this species is very seldom in the region where I live. I photographed it only once 3 years ago … maybe I will have a chance again to find some of them next year.

Location: Germany

Tags: pasque flower, pulsatilla pratensis, sandra bartocha, spring

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    09/06/2012 14:05

    What can I say about this photo? The words are too short to express the feelings I feel when I see this picture. I like the conflict between light and darkness and the forms produced by both. Undoubtedly an extraordinary appointment of our "small great" world!!!

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    09/06/2012 14:11

    What a beautifull bokeh, what wonderfull colours( two actually)! Everythimg in this photo is so well combined, so well structured... that like João said, it is hard to express one s feelings and sensations, when we look at this masterpiece! Great image!

  3. Geir Ole said:

    15/06/2012 10:10

    Ohhh..thats a really nice one - just the way I like it :)