Bruno D'Amicis - Voyeurism


One year ago, in a temporary water pool that had survived the heat, I have found two mating Apennine fire-bellied toads. This endangered species is as famous as its continental “cousins” because of the striking colors of the abdomen that reveal its toxicity and that nobody would ever imagine by looking at the dull, brownish colors of its upper parts. Getting close very slowly to portray the duo, through the viewfinder I have encountered the look of the male, which obviously satisfied might not have liked my intrusion into their privacy. While walking back home, that afternoon, I questioned myself wether we, as nature photographers, are to be considered mostly ambassadors of the wild world or just some sort of hi-tech voyeurs…

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: amphibians, apennine, bombina pachypus, bruno damicis, spring, toad, yellow bellied

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  1. Liz said:

    22/05/2012 16:15

    He might have been just honored...I guess toads are not often subjects of "voyeuristic pictures"!