Oriol Alamany - BLUE FOREST


A cold and misty dawn in a Corsican Pine mountain forest on the island of Corsica. Some years ago my wife and I spent several weeks traveling around this Mediterranean island on our campervan. Both were captivated by the beauty of this land. This photograph was taken very early in the morning at an altitude of 1300 meters in the mountains that tower in the center of the island. As film cameras did not have White Balance, at that time photographers worked with color compensating filters to adjust the color to our needs. In this case, to represent the cold I was feeling.

Location: Corsica Island, France

Tags: blue, corsica, europe, film, france, island, mediterranean, morning, oriol alamany, pine

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  1. Andrei Reinol said:

    10/05/2012 15:09

    Fantastic atmosphere. Mystic forest.

  2. Marcos G. Meider said:

    22/05/2012 13:29

    Beautiful image Oriol. One might spect to see a fairy showing up anytime!