Sandra Bartocha - Beech Cathedral


That is a special tree for me. I’ve photographed it in every season because I like the descending trees in the back and the beautiful curtain of leaves in the front.

Location: Germany

Tags: beech forest, beech trees, fagus silvatica, green, sandra bartocha, spring

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    03/05/2012 11:32

    i love the green of leaves with the blue of tree trunks ... soothing.

  2. Rob Gipman said:

    03/05/2012 12:24

    Very nice indeed! We used to do this on a tree in Uganda hoping it would survive the population grow there each time we passed it on our way to Murchisson NP

  3. Sandra said:

    03/05/2012 13:24

    @ Jost - thanks.
    @ Rob - I think it's a great way to document change if you come back to a certain point again and again. :)

  4. David Guimaraes said:

    03/05/2012 21:13

    Beautifull... just beauty!

  5. Mike Chase said:

    04/05/2012 00:25

    And I thought I was the only person who re-visits specific trees! This is a wonderful photo, you should be very proud. I love it. I hope to see it enlarged as a poster on the side of a building one day!

  6. Lee Smith said:

    21/08/2012 04:24

    Hello, I am sorry to tell you but I found someone that has stolen your photo on facebook and placed his copyright on your photo. He has done this to 4 of my photos and I contacted Facebook. You may want to do the same: