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Last autumn, running a photographic workshop in Botswana I witnessed this Chacma Baboon eating a young Impala in the Okovango Delta. I didn’t see the kill, but just watching the feast was rather intense. Several Baboons were fighting over the carcass. According to Victor the guide, this was a very rare sight. In ten years he only saw Baboons eat meat twice, and both times it was a small prey. Nature can be cruel, but in the end nature is fascinating!

Location: Okavango, Botswana

Tags: Chacma Baboon, Impala Botswana Wildlife Behaviour, roy mangersnes

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  1. Werner said:

    02/05/2012 12:10

    Interesting behaviour, indeed. Some years ago I've read a wonderful book called "A Primate's Memoir" (Really recommendable!!!). The author mentioned that baboons regularly hunt small antilopes such as young impalas or dikdiks. Obviously meat plays a certain role in their diet. It is very interesting that baboons and antilopes very often roam together although.

  2. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    03/05/2012 00:40

    Great shot. This was the perfect moment - and I missed it, busy as I was reorganising my legs and getting a few seconds rest for my arms, trembling from holding the 600 for too long...

  3. lichterspiele said:

    03/05/2012 08:34

    @Knut: that's one of the reason Fritz Poelking allways said Naturephotography without tripod is impossible ;-)

  4. Alen Abdula said:

    20/06/2012 22:20

    What a perfect capture! Keep up the great work.