Theo Bosboom - Storm at Reynisdrangar


The village of Vik on the South coast of Iceland is famous for its basalt sea stacks (Reynisdrangar), that according to legend were formed when trolls tried to drag a three-masted ship to land and at daybreak they were turned to stone. Vik also has a reputation for having the worst weather of Iceland. The ocean is very wild here. There are no landmasses between Antarctica and Vik, so the Atlantic rollers come in with full force. On a stormy winter morning I got up early and tried to capture both the wild ocean and one of the sea stacks backlit by the morning sun. The numerous fulmars flying around the stack completed the picture.

Location: Vik, Iceland

Tags: Atlantic, fulmar, Iceland, ocean, Reynisdrangar, seabirds, seastacks, Theo Bosboom, Vik

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  1. IƱaki Relanzon said:

    27/04/2012 11:40

    Wow..... Beatiful!!!!

  2. Debraj said:

    09/05/2012 08:06