Iñaki Relanzón - Griffon Vulture in the corner


A few feeding programs are made in the Pyrinees, in order to feed scavenger birds. like the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus). once the carrion is ready, usually fly down hundreds of vultures, specially the Griffon Vulture. Then, the most difficult thing is to get a picture of one isolated bird, and not a caothic image with a lot of heads and wings.

Tags: alone, Bird, corner, Inaki Relanzon, mountain, Pyrenees, Vulture

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  1. Noushka said:

    16/04/2012 10:42

    The look sideways is quite funny! :)
    I live in front of the Pyrenees and one of my goals is to take shots of the different vultures there... A challenge because of the climbing! LOL!
    Truly well done!

  2. Waterfallheart said:

    16/04/2012 19:54

    Seems like the bird is able to look through my soul...
    Very touching...