Iñaki Relanzón - Curious about reflection


We built a water pool for birds in a dry area, near my town. As long as it didn’t rain during the last 7 months, this water point is very succesful, and a lot of bird come here early in the morning and late in the afternoon to drink and take a bath, like this robin.

Tags: Bird, Inaki Relanzon, reflection, simetry, water, yellow

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  1. Ric@rd said:

    12/04/2012 07:57

    i like this picture

  2. María said:

    12/04/2012 10:09

    gorgeous and golden capture.

  3. Waterfallheart said:

    16/04/2012 19:56

    Wow, this is like a painting!
    Amazing, the composition and the colors that is...

  4. Margi Todors said:

    22/04/2012 09:01

    Wonderful picture and an wonderful bird! I can stay looking at your shot many hours :)

  5. amal said:

    28/07/2014 12:14

    can i use it in teaching semmetry ? how can i get your written permission?