Theo Bosboom - Backlit grassland


Nature area De Bruuk near Groesbeek is one of the few places in Holland were you can still find the so-called blue grasslands. The area is very beautiful in spring and I always enjoy going there to photograph butterflies or dragonflies. One morning not long after sunrise, I came across one of the meadows and saw that the grass and emerging plants were beautifully lit by the sun behind it. I zoomed in with my 70-200 lens and underexposed a little bit to enhance the effect of the backlit plants.

Location: De Bruuk, Holland

Tags: Blue grassland, De Bruuk, Holland, Netherlands, the, Theo Bosboom, vegetation

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  1. Luciano said:

    11/04/2012 22:14

    ciao Theo,
    really good pattern, I like it!

  2. Werner said:

    27/04/2012 21:17

    I thought a lot about it - and, at the end, I love it!

  3. Theo said:

    02/05/2012 13:27

    Thanks Werner, that is good to hear ;-) I am curious though, why you needed some time to appreciate it, is there anything disturbing for you? Please let me learn from it.

  4. Werner said:

    02/05/2012 14:28

    Well, that's the problem: There is absolutely nothing disturbing in this image. So at the first glimpse I thought it is maybe a little bit boring. And then I looked again and again and found a peaceful atmosphere, full of mysticism. Maybe a picture for the second look...

  5. Theo said:

    02/05/2012 21:35

    Thanks Werner!