Oriol Alamany - Sagrada Familia Falcons


I have been photographing the Peregrine Falcons Reintroduction Project in Barcelona city since it’s begining in 1999. I love to follow the nicest couple of all who since 2005 breeds in the Sagrada Familia temple. This very famous Modernist building designed by architect Antoni Gaudí is a wondeful setting for making photographs of the falcons.

It’s not easy at all to obtain good pictures of these raptors, as you need to obtain a permit from the temple and the falcons are far away from the places you can stay, so I must use very long lenses.

In this environmental portrait the male falcon looks tiny below the impressive top of one of the big towers covered in colouful ceramic mosaic. Nature and architecture at it’s best!

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Tags: barcelona, catalonia, europe, falco, falcon, gaudi, modernism, oriol alamany, peregrine, peregrinus, sagrada familia, Spain, urban wildlife

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  1. Werner said:

    11/04/2012 00:23

    Very special - very good!