Stian Holmen - Red Squirrel


Location: Norway

Tags: low key, squirrel, stian holmen

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    07/04/2012 10:53

    An unusual picture with squirrel. I really like the outline created by the backlighting to emphasize strongly the hair of the animal!

  2. Emmanuel said:

    07/04/2012 12:54

    I like it very much, well done Stian!

  3. Roy said:

    08/04/2012 13:54

    I was actually thinking of this picture a few days ago Stian. I was wondering why we haven´t seen it on the blog yet - and here it is! This is the only image I´ve seen on Norwegian photo site and REALLY been jealous about. I would however like to know something more about your pictures other than it was taken in Norway :-)

  4. Bruno said:

    08/04/2012 19:41

    Stian, this is absolutely fantastic. I am very fond of such images, but this as something more. It is funny... it has some behaviour... some three-dimensionality... Bravo!

  5. Werner said:

    09/04/2012 10:26

    Dito - Great image!

  6. claudia said:

    14/04/2012 23:25

    the best ever squirrel picture I've seen!

  7. Jannetta Dorsman said:

    23/12/2019 21:38

    What a great picture! I love it very much and would like to print it big on a poster. Can I buy your photo?