Werner Bollmann - Lofoten Fairy Tale


Although the peak of solar activity was last year, there were still a lot of great opportunities to watch polar lights on the Lofoten where I spent ten days last February. Actually I could watch this spectacular phenomenon every clear night. The last days of my stay the moon was shining. That gave me the opportunity to try something different from the shots I made the days before. I wanted to include the movement of the waves into the composition. So I made a framing and waited two or three hours for the polar light to appear, always praying that no clouds would cover the sky in the meantime. One of the biggest challenges when taking pictures of polar light on the Lofoten was to find a place with not too much “light pollution”. There was a house or a street nearly everywhere and at the end it became apparent that the beaches were the best places. But even there I had “problems” with passing ships and bonfires. On the other hand: Sometimes you like a picture much more when it wasn’t too easy to get it, isn’t that true?

Location: Lofoten, Norway

Tags: aurora borealis, lofoten, northern light, Norway, polar light, werner bollmann

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  1. Sandra said:

    04/04/2012 11:02

    Love it! ;-)

  2. Bruno said:

    04/04/2012 14:31

    Ditto! A great example of vision and craft, well done!

  3. Emmanuel said:

    07/04/2012 12:53

    Great job Werner!

  4. Geir Ole said:

    07/04/2012 14:44

    Very nice, Werner :)

  5. Werner said:

    07/04/2012 16:47

    Thank you!!!