Jaak Põder - Lazy


As some people say — from hard work you benefit in the future, from laziness you benefit now.

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Tags: jaak poder, konn, tai, thailand, tree frog

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  1. Òscar Domínguez said:

    28/03/2012 11:52

    Nice tree frog. I like the colour combination. Regards from Barcelona.

  2. Jaak Põder said:

    03/04/2012 21:31

    Thanks Oscar. It was tanning vacation, only few glimpses at true nature and I do not have a clue how common this sight is even now. But colour was why took this pic and I also like it -- nothing vivid, plain as it is in nature on midday shade. With kinda emotional expression. Maybe it's because I like frogs too much :-P.