Werner Bollmann - Dipper’s Paradise


Every winter several dozens of dippers gather at the outlet of Lake Kitka (Finland). The fast flowing river is never completely covered with ice, but the main reason for the high density of these amazing birds is another one: The water of Lake Kitka is very rich of plankton which provides the basis for the larvae of caddisflies. And they are the basic food reserve of the dippers. I spent several days at this great place, always experimenting with different shutter speeds. To combine smooth flowing water with a bird that nearly never stands still was a real challenge. 99% of the images were not sharp, but at least there was this last percent.

Location: Finland

Tags: cinclus cinclus, dipper, finland, ice, water, werner bollmann, winter

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  1. lichterspiele said:

    19/03/2012 10:26

    And my first thougt was, a composing of two images, water and bird, because birds normaly are too agitated for "longer" exposure ... But hey, like we say in Germany: Das Gück ist mit den Tüchtigen!

  2. Olivier Esnault said:

    19/03/2012 19:06

    wow !
    great timing !!!

  3. Frederik said:

    19/03/2012 19:09


  4. Geir Ole said:

    19/03/2012 21:59

    Lovely picture, Werner :)

  5. Bruno said:

    20/03/2012 23:32

    Wow, Werner: this is really a difficult one! Perfect composition and perfect execution, you should be proud of it!

  6. Werner said:

    21/03/2012 11:53

    Thanks guys! I also tried some shots with a fith of a second and it worked, too. I will show them another time ;)

  7. ulrichschiegg said:

    13/11/2019 23:32

    The Lys one is stunning too.