Alex Mustard - Coral Fluorescence


Detail of a brain coral photographed at night under blue light to excite the fluorescence in the polyps, the ridges between the lines of polyps do not fluoresce and therefore appear black. Reef building corals are the foundation for an entire ecosystem, yet are as vulnerable to climate change as polar bears. Warming seas have the potential to bleach and kill corals and increased CO2 levels can acidify the oceans and dissolve their calcium carbonate skeletons.
They lack the natural charisma of bears, though. Fluorescence photography is one method of producing a more eye catching image, to tell their story.

Location: Cayman Islands

Tags: Alex Mustard, brain coral, Cayman, Diploria labyrinthiformis, fluorescence, Islands, night, underwater

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  1. Margi Todors said:

    17/03/2012 09:30

    Beautiful! It's a reminder that we, the human beings, have not created quite a lot :) just have borrowed it from the nature :)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Bruno said:

    20/03/2012 23:34

    Margi, you're right. A nice shot with a nice purpose! There is still so much to learn out there. Alex, thanks for sharing it!