Iñaki Relanzón - Cranes at dawn


Like every year, I was inside the hide, in Gallocanta lake, in north-central Spain, working with the cranes wich past the winter there, before to go North to breed. And early in the morning, they were fliing in perfect formations over this beautiful church.

Tags: cranes, dawn, Inaki Relanzon, Lake, migration, winter

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  1. Riina Solja said:

    25/10/2013 08:20

    In autumn, this is the saddest view I can see and also the one of those most breathtaking sounds you can hear. It's the view and the sound of good bye. When cranes leave my home landscape then it's time for silence and for vinter. Time before the snow coming is the worst but after that it comes easier to star waiting that the cranes will return and bring the spring with them from the Africe to where they are heading now. Thanks for this pic. I love it eventhough it makes me sad.