Bruno D'Amicis - The end of a Robin


This winter will always be remembered here in Central Italy because of the quantity of snow and the unusual drop of temperatures. As one of the consequences, many birds, especially passerines, died or were so weak, that represented an easy target for their predators. While snowshoeing in the woods, I encountered the remains of a robin, probably caught by a sparrowhawk. The feathers of the little bird were spread all over the snow. In the drama, I could still appreciate the beauty of their colored tips and the almost-designed pattern they made on the snow. Life is so full of contrast.

Location: Italy

Tags: abruzzi, apennines, birds, bruno damicis, erithacus, italy, robin, snow, winter

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    05/03/2012 10:16

    as you say life is beautiful yet harsh ... complicated yet simple ... not one thing is black and white ... your image shows all of that and that is why i love it even more!

  2. Theo said:

    05/03/2012 12:21

    Wow Bruno this is a strong image, both beautiful and dramatic, it is one of the most poetic pictures of the circle of life I have seen so far.

  3. Sandra said:

    05/03/2012 15:16

    poetic. elegant. beautiful. great, great image bruno!

  4. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    05/03/2012 21:23

    I second Sandra and Theo - this is fabulous!

  5. David Guimaraes said:

    05/03/2012 21:55

    A simple but powerfull composition... nature photography isnĀ“t only amazing animals in spectacular moments, its also the post climax, the signs, the tracks, the sounds, the whispers... and in this image you captured the true nature of a hunt, of this imemorial game of life and death...
    the beauty, is sometiemes, where you less expect it!

  6. Luciano said:

    05/03/2012 22:07

    Fantastic surprise in the snow, good composition and vision, bravo Bruno!

  7. Geir Ole said:

    07/03/2012 23:23

    Really great picture :)

  8. Bruno said:

    20/03/2012 23:39

    Wow, I would have never thought that such a simple image could elicit so many nice words... Thanks a lot to everybody! B