Sven Začek - All moving, but one


It is always a thrill to watch herd behaviour. How there are really skittish individuals and really bold ones. The skittish guys will run for every passing car or duck down for every passing raven. The bold ones will not even lift their head for either disturbance. This picture shows a really bold deer, who will not run even if the rest of the herd is almost at full speed. Nice to meet you!

Location: Estonia

Tags: Capreolus capreolus, estonia, herd, metskits, Roe Deer, sven zacek

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    04/03/2012 01:08

    Marvellous, the notion of the twilight on the background, the Roe deer looking at us! What a great shot!! Congratulations!

  2. Roy said:

    10/03/2012 13:27

    I have returned to look at this picture several times now. Great shot Sven. Just love it!