Roy Mangersnes - Impala


The Impala jumping across the African savanna is one of the most stunning sights. It is amazing to watch how easy they cover enormous distances in a single leap. Trying to photograph it is quit hard, and I was pretty lucky to observe a couple of younger males showing of. I wanted to make something different from the scene and decided to slow things down a bit. Choosing a low iso I was able to shoot at 1/8 sec, making it impossible to get a sharp image, but that was not was I was aiming for. This image is more about shapes and colors, greens and reds coming together in one single leap.

Location: Masai Mara, Kenya

Tags: Aepyceros melampus, Impala, Kenya, roy mangersnes

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    02/03/2012 10:00

    A very great photo! A different view of this mammal showing us its elegance from a different perspective. In sum, what our eyes can not see our mind can imagine and can conceive (with the help of technology, and of course, the creativity of the photographer).

  2. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    02/03/2012 19:56

    Wonderful panning shot. I'm glad you didn't crank up the contrast and saturation American style...