Heike Odermatt - Seljalandsfoss


This is the little brother of the Seljalandsfoss. When I went there, the light was not so good to photograph the Seljalandsfoss, but this little one was more beautiful. With long shutter speed the water went white and with the dark rocks it was a good contrast.

Location: Iceland

Tags: Heike Odermatt, Iceland, rock, water, waterfall

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    29/02/2012 09:48

    An extraordinary picture, with a fantastic light and background. It feels that the water flows from the depths of the earth. In fact, a remarkable image!

  2. João Petronilho said:

    29/02/2012 09:52

    I forgot to add that this picture transmit me a "AVATAR" feeling!!!

  3. Goiko said:

    29/02/2012 15:11

    Euclides would thank you for the subtlety of your homage to his triangles.
    I thank you for the intimacy evoked by your light.
    Was it a 700mm?

  4. Margi Todors said:

    29/02/2012 18:11

    Absolutely fantastic picture! Like a real but not really! Great!

  5. Geir Ole said:

    01/03/2012 13:58

    This is really an outstanding picture :)
    Very well done!