Sandra Bartocha - Golden Waterfall


A dynamic coastline … one year after the last ice winter …
If you compare this image with Frozen Beauty … you can see that a great part of the coast in the back has come down … trees continuing to grow at the chalk ground.
But after all … I’m personally just in love with the amazing structures water forms when freezing.

Location: Jasmund, Germany

Tags: baltic sea, germany, ice, kieler bach, rĂ¼gen, sandra bartocha, sunrise, waterfall, winter

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    24/02/2012 20:55

    You are just one of the most amazing nature photographers I ever seen... Every photo is a surprise! Congratulations fand thank you for another precious winter moment!

  2. Jost Stergarsek said:

    27/02/2012 11:34

    I believe many will agree with Mr. Guimaraes ... I certanly do!
    and your image of golden waterfall is like a poem ... bringing ice and fire together in harmony ... lovely

  3. Michal Budzynski said:

    09/03/2012 10:49

    I fully agree with the gentlemen above! A magnificent shot - as usual. I like the composition and the way background matches the foreground.