Stian Holmen - Sunset


Spitsbergen, from my favorite time of the day. Low light, long shadows.

At least, thatA?s what i want the pictures to look like.
At this time at year (20.06), there will newer be a sunset.
The sun is bright and high, days and nights look the same.
Not optimal conditions for nature photo maybe,
but itA?s fun to play with the strong contrasts.

Some may call this pic manipulated or cheating,
as it donA?t shows the scene as my eyes saw it…

But the truth is that my eyes “saw” this picture.
With a little help from the sun, exposure and editing,
the result became closely to what i hoped to make.

I got a feeling of sunset, but the low light and long shadowA?s missing…

Location: Spitsbergen

Tags: deer, reindeer, spitsbergen, stian holmen, sunset

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