Werner Bollmann - Capercaillie on the rocks


Winter in northern Finland can be very hard. Temperatures below – 30°C occur regularly, and many birds like ptarmigans or black grouses dig caves into the snow to escape the cold. Even the big capercaillie does so. After some hours under the snow the birds fly in the trees again to feed on pine needles and birch buds, their poor winter diet.

Location: Finland

Tags: capercaillie, finland, snow, tetrao urogallus, werner bollmann, winter

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    20/02/2012 21:27

    What a beautifull and poetical image of a Capercaillie! It is almost as if we could see inisde the animal s soul!

  2. Andy Astbury said:

    14/03/2012 11:02

    Exceptional work Werner