Roy Mangersnes - Winter Reindeer


I know there has been a few cold days in Europe, but compared to a normal winter this one seems to be a mild and wet one. While Europe has been freezing, there has been heavy rains on Svalbard in the Arctic. Now the cold is back and the ground is covered with solid ice. The result is horrible for the Svalbard Reindeer, who can’t get to their food below the frozen blanket. Hundreds, maybe thousands are expected to die. These two Svalbard reindeer was photographed northwest on Spitsbergen as they were enjoying themselves in -25C a couple of years ago. I hope I will be able to experience a cold winter day like this again one day.

Location: Spitsbergen, Norway

Tags: reindeer, roy mangersnes, spitsbergen, svalbard

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  1. Svein Wik said:

    17/02/2012 09:48

    Yoy are right about this Roy. I was in Svalbard only a week ago and it was still raining until the day before I left. I had five days out of seven with rain. I think the wildlife in Svalbard really will suffer after this very mild and rainy January and February.

  2. Margi Todors said:

    17/02/2012 20:18

    WOW! What a picture! Clean and simple and white! Beautiful!
    Best regards,

  3. Maurizio S. said:

    18/02/2012 01:02

    Very nice highkey picture: I'm definitely your fan.
    I think a bit of Svalbard snow has fallen here in Italy this month, causing other troubles to local wildlife here too.

  4. David Guimaraes said:

    20/02/2012 21:33

    A piece of heaven has fallen to earth on the imaterial shape of this image!!!

  5. Òscar Domínguez said:

    24/02/2012 19:21

    Simply but effective. Regards.