Jaak Põder - Princes, princesses


I was (and passively still am) collecting fairy tales, having ca 3000+ of them in my collection at the moment and I am quite confident that toads out of all animals are the biggest source of princes and princesses in our area. It’s just that it’s very hard to find one as you do not have time to kiss all of them during the time they are visibly out in spring…

Location: Estonia

Tags: bufo bufo, common toad, jaak poder, kärnkonn, spring

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  1. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    16/02/2012 17:42

    Perfect light, and the space around him makes him glow even stronger.

    Nice title.

  2. João Petronilho said:

    16/02/2012 19:56

    A fantastic image! A perfect subject, with a perfect light and a perfect surrounding!

  3. David Guimaraes said:

    20/02/2012 21:34

    A inspiring image of a unique moment shapped by light!!